Community Operations

Cordillera Community Operations maintains all of the community features and amenities that property owners enjoy.

From building the volleyball court to creating the ice rink when the weather turns cold, the facilities, operations and fleet teams keeps things running smoothly - not to mention all the equipment and buildings that the department maintains. While you may not see these crews often, you'll always appreciate their excellent work.
  1. Capital Improvements

    Community operations is responsible for ongoing capital improvement projects within Cordillera.

  2. Forestry & Vegetation Management

    The Cordillera Metropolitan District manages a Forestry and Vegetation Management Program consistent with State and County laws and regulations.

  3. Landscaping

    The abundance of flowers and landscaping in Cordillera will grab your attention on summer days with their alpine beauty.

  4. Road Maintenance

    The Metro District is responsible for maintaining approximately 40 miles of roadways within Cordillera.

  5. River Parcel & Pond Management

    Cordillera property owners have private access to 1.3 miles along the Eagle River for year-round, world-class fishing as well as three ponds.

  6. Snow Removal

    Learn about the snow removal plan, procedures and a download a registration form.

  7. Trails Management

    All privately owned properties in Cordillera must have a weed management control program if, upon inspection, the metro district finds undesirable plants within the property boundaries.