Forestry & Vegetation Management

The Cordillera Metropolitan District (CMD) manages a Forestry and Vegetation Management Program consistent with State and County laws and regulations. This program encompasses weed control, pest control, revegetation and tree management.

Weed Control

The Cordillera Weed Control Program was established through an Intergovernmental Agreement (IGA) with Eagle County in accordance with the State of Colorado's "Weed Management Act." This Act was put into place because several species of non-native plants have become an economic and environmental threat to the value of land in Eagle County. This Act requires integrated methods be used to manage weeds, including:
  • Cultural - Maintain favorable growth of desired plants over undesirable plants
  • Chemical - Use of herbicides or growth regulators
  • Biological - Use of organisms
  • Mechanical - Physically disruption like tilling, mowing, burning, hand pulling, etc.
The IGA with Eagle County gives CMD authority to oversee and enforce the management and compliance of its own property, which also includes all open space, Associations and private properties within the Metro District boundaries. The Cordillera golf courses are managed by their own personnel.

Pest Control

Cordillera Metro District contracts with outside services to control pests. Mosquito control is an important element of the program with special emphasis on mosquito larvae control, then, if necessary, adult mosquito control. The mosquito larvae control is conducted mid-May to early June depending on weather, then monitored throughout the summer months.

Other pest control includes addressing nuisance animals like porcupines, beavers, badgers, marmots, raccoons, etc. stabilize soil areas and for aesthetics within Cordillera.


This would include over seeding needed areas with the proper "native" grass seeds as approved by the Cordillera Design Review Board per the unique and diverse areas throughout Cordillera. It is important to note any area steeper than a two-to-one slope will need some sort of netting to hold the seed into place and nothing steeper than a two-to-one slope is recommended.

Tree Management

The Cordillera Tree Management Program is implemented with property owner safety and forest health being paramount. The forest's health is important to keeping infestations and disease to a minimum, which also minimizes wildfires.

Any trees along CMD roadways and easements that pose safety concerns or property damage are investigated and appropriate steps taken to ensure a safe environment within the community boundaries.

This program also includes new plantings of trees throughout the community.