Posted on: March 31, 2017

Responsible Dog Owners Pick Up After and Leash Their Dog


Per Cordillera regulations, dogs that are outdoors should be on a leash no longer than 12 feet in length and under direct control of a person. Under no circumstance shall dogs be allowed to run loose or be unattended. Loose pets can both chase and be chased by wildlife. Any pets chasing wildlife will be turned over to Eagle County Animal Control or the Colorado Division of Parks and Wildlife.

Dog owners must promptly remove fecal waste from roadsides, the dog park and other public areas and deposit it in a proper trash container. This practice must be done even when the snow is on the ground. Simply brushing snow over it leads to a mess in the spring.

Not only is dog waste a nuisance, the harmful bacteria, viruses and parasites that it contains can cause both human and pet illnesses. It is also a major factor in contributing to water pollution from rain and snowmelt transmitting pathogens and nutrients from feces to the waterways via the roads.  Dog waste differs from wild animal waste because of the preservatives and additives in dog food.

The dog park, located on Carterville Road, conveniently provides plastic bags to dispose of waste material. Do not leave used bags on the side of streets and trails; no one else is responsible for dumping it into the trash.

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