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Posted on: April 14, 2017

Preventing Problems With Bears is a Community Effort


Bears typically become active in mid-March and are hungry. With a nose that is 100 times more sensitive than humans, a bear can smell food five miles away. Their natural diet consists of grasses, berries, fruits, nuts and plants, but they will resort to persistent scavenging when they find an easy human-provided food source.

As the saying goes, "a fed bear is a dead bear" because bears easily become accustomed to eating human sources of food whether it is from garbage, bird feeders, barbecue grills or homes. When bears develop bad habits, the Colorado Division of Parks and Wildlife becomes involved to relocate or destroy the bear.

Public Safety would like to remind homeowners that Cordillera prohibits the feeding of wildlife, both intentionally and unintentionally. Feeding pets outdoors and feeding wildlife in any way is prohibited as is having bird and hummingbird feeders.

Public Safety should be contacted if a bear is in a trash can, is in close proximity to a house, is near children or appears to be a threat to domestic animals by calling the Divide Gate at 970-926-2335.

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