Fire Alarms

All Cordillera properties are required to install fire alarms. Public Safety and Eagle River Fire Protection District (ERFPD) treat all fire alarms as emergencies until notified otherwise. Therefore, all fire alarms are investigated thoroughly.



 Property owners are encouraged to use burglar alarms. While Cordillera, and the Vail Valley,  are not areas of high crime, things do happen that could be prevented or perhaps tracked if an  alarm system is in use.

 Public Safety is the primary responder to all burglary/intrusion alarms except when an  indication of criminal activity is identified. Eagle County Sheriff is the primary responder to   panic alarms and to burglary/intrusion alarms whenever criminal activity is indicated.

Environmental Alarms

 Public Safety responds to all environmental alarms which monitor temperature, carbon  monoxide and for water leaks.

Medical Alarms

 A medical alarm is an alarm system designed to signal the presence of a hazard requiring  urgent attention and to summon emergency medical personnel. Some security systems have a  medical alarm built in. 

Panic Alarms

 Panic/holdup alarms should be used only for their intended purposes. Do not use panic/hold  up alarms if medical assistance is needed because an ambulance will not respond. Eagle  County Sheriff is the primary responder to panic/hold up alarms.

False Alarms

Public Safety responds to hundreds of false alarms every year that could have been prevented. False alarms can be cancelled. Property owners and property managers should know the name and phone number of their alarm monitoring company and be prepared to provide the account number, code and password for the alarm to the monitoring company. In the event an alarm is determined to be false, the property owner or property manager should contact the monitoring company as quickly as possible. In the event the alarm monitoring company already dispatched the fire department, it can cancel the dispatch.

In the event a property owner or guest does not have the proper code, Public Safety may be contacted at 970-926-2335. Public Safety will respond to the property and verify the information.

False alarms are a nuisance, tie up important resources and should be avoided whenever possible.

Maximum Number

 Each property owner is allowed three (3) false alarms; after which, a fine may be assessed.