Road Impact Fees

The Cordillera Metro District (CMD) maintains approximately 40 miles of roads in Cordillera with restrictions on the length and weight of trucks that may use district roads. Traffic that falls outside of the normal restrictions may use district roads if an impact fee is paid. These impact fees represent the dollar value of the road impacts caused by large trucks. During the spring, when the ground is thawing, to protect the roads, there are no exceptions to the restrictions.

Spring Freeze-Thaw Weight Restrictions

In the spring, when the ground thaws and roads are most susceptible to damage, Cordillera limits the weights on the roads to 12,000 pounds per axle. During this time the only exceptions are Cordillera Metro District equipment, fire trucks and residential trash trucks. When the weight restrictions are in place, there are no exceptions for property owners or contractors. It is not possible to pay a fee to enter with an overweight vehicle.

The implementation and duration of these restrictions are determined by the average daily temperatures; therefore, it is difficult to determine when the restrictions will start or end. In the past, freeze/thaw restrictions have generally started in mid-February to mid-March and lasted until the end of April. Contact Public Safety at 970-926-2335 to learn when restrictions are in effect.

New Construction & Remodels

New construction sites and remodels are required to pay a one-time fee for three and four axle trucks (dump trucks/concrete trucks). Tractor trailers and overweight equipment will be an additional charge at the time of entry. CMD charges 50 percent of the one way cost of the impact — not the full cost of the impact. Payment will be required prior to beginning the project.

Fees are determined by:
  • The volume of dirt, concrete and stone to be moved
  • The miles of Metro District roads to be traveled
Note: Contact Director of Public Safety at 970-569-6261 or DRB Coordinator at 970-569-6255 regarding impact fees for new construction and remodels.


Cordillera's narrow and twisty roads cause many truck drivers to drive on the road's shoulders, which damages the edges of the asphalt and therefore causes more damage than normal traffic. Over-length trucks or trailers are trucks and/or trailers that are over 24 feet in length from front axle to rear axle or from hitch to rear axle. Length is not measured from bumper to bumper. Long trucks and trailers are escorted to allow the drivers to stay in the middle of the road which protects the edges. Mileage begins at the intersection of Fenno and Squaw Creek Road and is calculated one way. All overweight equipment must have and escort. Cost for over-length trucks/trailers is $10.64 per mile for four axle trucks/trailers and $15.20 for five axle trucks/trailers.


Traffic over 18,000 pounds per axle, typically large cranes and concrete pumpers, must pay an impact fee based on weight and mileage. Mileage begins at the intersection of Fenno and Squaw Creek Road, and Cordillera Way and Squaw Creek Road, and is calculated one way.
  • Over 18,000 but under 19,800 – $30.40 per mile
  • Over 19,800 but under 21,780 – $60.80 per mile
  • Over 21,780 but under 23,958 – $121.60 per mile
  • Over 23,958 but under 26,354 – $243.20 per mile

Escort Fees

Over-length trucks and slow moving equipment are required to have an escort from Public Safety. The fee for the escort is $50. Public Safety should be contacted at the Divide Gatehouse at 970-926-2335 24 hours in advance to schedule an escort.

Steel Tracked Equipment

Steel tracked equipment is prohibited on CMD roads at all times.

Road Cuts

All road cuts must be coordinated with the Director of Community Operations at 970-569-6260 prior to any road work. A $2,500 deposit will be required prior to work.

Jake Brakes

Trucks and equipment using Jake Brakes are required to have proper mufflers. Trucks and equipment without proper mufflers that exceed a noise level of 85 decibels will be restricted until the mufflers are repaired or replaced.