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Fly Fishing Rules and Registration

  1. River Parcel and Pond Registration

    Cordillera owns a 1.3-mile stretch of private river heaven. This gives Cordillera property owners year-round, world-class fishing. Vail Valley Anglers (VVA) manages Cordillera’s fishing program and provides the community with experienced and knowledgeable fly fishing guides, educational programs and discounts on equipment and merchandise. Before departure for a river outing, VVA will deliver property owners passes. Property owners are also welcome to visit the VVA shop in the Riverwalk in Edwards to check out rental equipment and find out what flies are working best.

  2. Rules and Regulations

    Cordillera River/Pond Regulations All fishing is catch-and-release with flies and single, barbless hooks only.
    ● No bait fishing is permitted on the ponds or river.
    ● A valid State of Colorado Fishing License is required to fish the river.
    ● VVA will manage river beats and ponds based on water temperature, water flow and fish health on a daily basis throughout the year.
    ● A one-time, fee-based orientation class is required for river fly fishing.
    ● Reservations are required for river beats and can be made through VVA.
    ● No more than two anglers are permitted in each river beat (one of whom must be a current fly fishing pass holder).
    ● Ponds remain open during day-light hours as long as there is no ice. Please respect the neighboring properties while fishing ponds.
    ● A fly fishing pass holder can book only one beat per day.
    ● Reservations are not required for fishing at the ponds.
    ● Anchoring while floating is prohibited on CMD property.
    Reservations: CMD-approved anglers are required to book reservations in advance with VVA. Please call 970-926-0900, stop by the shop or book online at The username is cordillerafishing and the password is vva2020#.
    *Only one beat can be booked per day, up to 10 days prior to excursion.
    *No more than three reservations per week (Sunday-Saturday) may be made by each pass holder.

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