Road Safety

Cordillera maintains approximately 40 miles of roads in Cordillera. To keep them in the best shape possible, there are length and weight restrictions. Over-length and overweight traffic will pay an impact fee to use district roads. During the spring, when the ground is thawing to protect the roads, there are no exceptions to the restrictions.


Cordillera’s narrow and twisty roads cause many truck drivers to drive on the road’s shoulders, which damages the edges of the asphalt and therefore causes more damage than normal traffic. Over-length trucks or trailers are over 24 feet in length from front axle to rear axle or from hitch to rear axle. Long trucks and trailers require an escort from Public Safety to allow driving in the middle of the road, protecting the road edges. The fee for the escort is $50. Contact Public Safety at the Divide Gatehouse at 970-926-2335 24 hours in advance to schedule an escort. Cost for over-length trucks/trailers is $10.64 per mile for four axle trucks/trailers and $15.20 for five axle trucks/trailers. Mileage begins at the intersection of Fenno and Squaw Creek Road and is calculated one way.


Traffic over 18,000 pounds per axle, typically large cranes and concrete pumpers, must pay an impact fee based on weight and mileage. Mileage begins at the intersection of Fenno and Squaw Creek Road, and Cordillera Way and Squaw Creek Road, and is calculated one way. See schedule of fees here.

Steel Tracked Equipment

Steel-tracked equipment is prohibited.

Road Cuts

All road cuts must be coordinated with the Director of Community Operations at 970-569-6260 prior to any road work. A $2,500 deposit will be required prior to work.

Jake Brakes

Trucks and equipment using Jake Brakes are required to have proper mufflers. Trucks and equipment without proper mufflers that exceed a noise level of 85 decibels will be restricted until the mufflers are repaired or replaced.

What is the Cordillera Metro District?

Cordillera is a mountaintop paradise with miles of trails to discover, friendships to be made and adventures to be had. Comprising more than 7,000 acres of natural beauty, three distinctive neighborhoods, endless amenities and three world-class golf courses, Cordillera is like no other Rocky Mountain community.

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