Trailer Parking

Cordillera’s PUD and Design Guidelines require that recreational vehicles (RV) and trailers at residences be parked inside of garages with the doors closed. RVs and trailers may not be parked in driveways or on the street except for very short periods of time in preparation for use.

Trailer Storage

Cordillera provides an area to park recreational vehicles and trailers at a nominal fee for Cordillera property owners. The Cordillera RV and Trailer Storage area is located on Carterville Road approximately 0.5 miles above the Cordillera Post Office. Storage spaces are numbered and assigned. Interested parties should contact Cordillera Public Safety at 970-926-1923 to reserve a space. Spaces are assigned in order of requests. Please do not park any trailers, RV or vehicles in the trailer storage areas if you do not have an assigned spot.

Costs for spaces are as follows:

Monthly: 10’ x 20’ space / $60 per month
12’ x 20’ space / $75 per month
12’ x 40’ space / $90 per month

Daily Rate: 10’ x 20’ space / $5 per day
12’ x 20’ or 40’ space / $8 per day

During the winter the Cordillera Metro District (CMD) maintains access to trailers but does not clear snow around individual trailers. Upon request, CMD will clear snow from vacant parking spaces. Register for a space with the RV & Trailer Storage Agreement.

RV & Trailer Storage Agreement

What is the Cordillera Metro District?

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