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  1. Ready for Winter: Snow Removal Operations Underway

    Roadways are cleared when there is ½ inch of snow. Property owners are responsible for removing snow in their driveway. Drivers should stay clear of plow trucks. Read on...
  2. Snowplow Operator Registration Requirements

    Property owners are responsible for maintaining their own driveways and parking areas following a storm. Snow removal contractors must register with the Cordillera Metropolitan District. Read on...
  3. Short Course Water Feature Repair Project

    Alliance Landscaping and Water Features (ALWF) started the Short Course water feature repair project mid-October. Repairs were necessary as the ponds, spillways and streams were leaking large amounts of water. Read on...
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  1. Fri Nov. 16

    CMD & CPOA Joint Regular Meeting Notice is hereby given that the Regular Meeting of the Boards of Directors of Cordillera Property Owners Association and of the Cordillera Metro District will be held. Please subscribe to Agenda Center at www.cordilleraliving.com/notifyme to receive notification when the agenda & packet is published.
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  2. Fri Nov. 16

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