Wildfire Mitigation

Wildfire Mitigation

The task of mitigating wildfire hazards in Cordillera occurs on two fronts. Working in close coordination with the Eagle River Fire Protection District and Eagle County Emergency Services, the Cordillera Metro District (CMD) implements a multi-year fire hazard reduction plan on community open space property.

Brush is thinned, trees are limbed or removed, and pests are controlled. Wildfire hazard mapping and fire event simulations are used to create specific fire protection strategies, including the creation of fire breaks, the identification of shelter in place areas and evacuation routes, and the development of public education programs. Windrose Properties, the CPOA, Diamond Star Ranch, and Colorow are partners in this large-scale effort.

Residential Wildfire Mitigation Program

On private property in Cordillera, homeowners are tasked with vegetation management and the development of defensible space around their home. With assistance from Eagle County’s Wildfire Mitigation Coordinator, the Cordillera Property Owners Association (CPOA) administers Cordillera’s Residential Wildfire Mitigation Program, which includes free home inspections on a three-year schedule and the development of structural and vegetative health mitigation prescriptions.

If you have questions regarding healthy, living trees, contact:
Tracey Olesek
CPOA Community Development Administrator

With questions regarding dead, diseased, sick, or dying trees, contact:
Tim Swaner
Fire Operations Specialist with Eagle Valley Wildland (EVW)