Homeowner Rental Information

Short and Long Term Rentals

Currently, Cordillera’s governing documents permit short and long term rentals,
but owners must now be licensed and registered.

Rental Policy

On July 11, 2022, the CPOA passed a Rental Rules and Registration Policy, see here, for all Cordillera Property Owners who wish to rent out their homes, either on a short or long term basis.

This policy includes:

  • A registration and licensing requirement including an annual fee of $550 per year. This form and process can be completed by logging into the Granicus portal here.
  • Owners who wish to rent out their homes will also be required to complete a Tenant Rental Information Form which should be emailed to samantha.vigil@grandmanors.com for each rental.

Disclaimer: Please be aware that the Cordillera Property Owners Association, as of 1/24/23, has begun an amendment process to determine if property owners are in favor of amending the community’s governing documents to prohibit rentals of less than 30 days (“short term rentals”) as well as other possible changes. Before applying for a rental license or purchasing a property in Cordillera, you may wish to find out the status of this process. Contact General Manager Crystal Wilson at Crystal.Wilson@GrandManors.com.

  • Owners must make available a printed copy of the Rental Standards for Tenants in their properties.

Homeowner Complaint Hotline

If property owners are concerned with issues going on in their neighborhood related to rentals (such as noise, disturbances, unauthorized rentals, parking etc.) they can file a complaint using the link below or call the hotline number listed here:
Short Term Rental Hotline: (970) 438-2810

Those living in one of the eight enclaves– Alcazar, Cimarron, Club Cottages, Greyhawk, Bentgrass, Bearcat, Kensington, and Les Pyrenees, should check with those governing documents since some prohibit short term rentals and have other rental requirements for homeowners wishing to list and rent their homes. See Buying and Selling in Cordillera for enclave contact information.