Public Safety

Public Safety


Dial 911 in the event of an emergency!


Cordillera Public Safety at the Divide Gate:

Cordillera Public Safety at the Ranch Gate:

Cordillera Public Safety Administration:

Eagle County Sheriff:

Cordillera’s Public Safety Department provides security and ensures the safety of Cordillera residents, guests and contractors.

Public Safety agents are available around the clock, staffing access control gates, patrolling streets, and responding to requests and situations within the community. Public Safety personnel are not police officers, but they are highly trained in safety and emergency response situations.

Public Safety is the primary responder to all burglary/intrusion alarms but will not engage if criminal activity is suspected. The Eagle County Sheriff responds to panic alarms and to burglar/intrusion alarms involving potential criminal activity.

Wildlife & Pets

While not directly responsible, Public Safety responds to situations regarding wildlife and/or pets in the community. Colorado Parks and Wildlife officers will be notified if a wildlife concern requires their attention. Eagle County Animal Services enforces County pet regulations, including dangerous animals or leash law violations. The CPOA should be contacted for complaints regarding barking, damage to common areas, or other nuisances.

Eagle County Alerts

Cordillera residents are encouraged to subscribe to Eagle County Alert, which serves as the area’s “Reverse 911” system. Alerts, notifications and updates are sent to the subscriber’s landline phone, cell phone, pager, PDA and/or email account based on the location of the event and the alert categories that have been selected.  Enrollment is free with normal text message charges incurred per the text messaging plan. To subscribe to Eagle County Alert or for additional information regarding emergency response, go to