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Cordillera Metro District

The Cordillera Metro District (CMD) is a quasi-municipal corporation and political subdivision of the State of Colorado that operates as a Special District under Colorado statute.

CMD Board of Directors

CMD is governed by an elected five-person Board of Directors.  It levies property taxes to fund annual operating budgets and capital projects and to pay outstanding debt (bonds).

Cheryl Foley

Cheryl Foley

Term to May 2022


Harry Jasper

Harry Jasper

Term to May 2025


Dan Roberts

Dan Roberts

Vice President
Term to May 2023


Richard Saxby

Richard Saxby

Term to May 2025


Vacant Seat

For any community comments, questions, or suggestions, email

Governance and Key Documents

Financials 2012-2022

Board Packets 2012-2022

Meeting Minutes 2012-2022

CMD Financial Summary

Cordillera’s general operating fund mill levy for 2022 is 46.039 mills per $100,000 of assessed property value, resulting in budgeted property tax revenue of $4,706,113 for this year. Including miscellaneous other revenue sources, CMD’s total operating revenue is projected at $5,663,532 for 2022.

Debt service retirement for 2022 is taxed at 11.242 mills per $100,000 of assessed property value for the Divide and Ranch subdivisions and 29.938 mills for the Summit and Territories. All Cordillera debt will be retired by January 1, 2023 and no debt service taxes will be levied thereafter (unless additional debt is assumed in the future by vote of residents.)

The CMD is responsible for the following services:

Road Maintenance

Maintaining over 40 miles of paved roads, lighting and signage, road fencing and landscaping

Snow Plowing

Snow plowing during the winter

Public Safety

Providing public safety services, including maintaining and operating 24-hour/day gatehouse access into the community

Building Administration & Maintenance

Maintaining and operating an administration building and two full-service operations maintenance buildings

Open Space

Owning and protecting approximately 3000 acres of open space, which includes hiking, biking trails, fishing ponds, and equestrian trails

Wildlife and Forests

Providing healthy forest, wildlife protection, and wildfire mitigation services

CMD also owns the Bearden Homestead (home of Bearcat Stables) and owns and operates the Equestrian Center and services located on Carterville Road, including the dog park, car wash, trailer parking area, and the community gardens.

2022 Regular CMD Board Meeting Schedule

12aug9:00 am12:00 pmCMD Board Meeting

14oct9:00 am12:00 pmCMD Board Meeting

09nov9:00 am12:00 pmCMD Board Meeting

CMD Administration

Trevor Broersma

Trevor Broersma

General Manager

(970) 569-6275

Paula Kurtz

Paula Kurtz

HR, Finance and Office Administrator

(970) 569-6270

Clifford Simonton

Cliff Simonton

Community Planning Manager

(970) 269-6255

Michael Bosley

Michael Bosley

Public Safety Manager

(970) 569-6261

Sam Lazar

Sam Lazar

Community Operations Manager

(970) 766-4481

Dominique Jones

Dominique Jones

Equestrian Center Manager

(970) 376-7295