Roads & Service Providers

Roads & Service Providers

The CMD’s Community Operations Department (“Comm Ops”) operates and maintains Cordillera’s base infrastructure, including all drainage ways, easements, and more than 40 miles of paved roads.

Road maintenance activities include:

  • Maintenance of asphalt, curbs, gutters, guard rails, ditches, culverts, signs, lighting, and roadway fences.
  • Asphalt resurfacing based on a 20-year rotating replacement program, with new pavement applied to select road segments each summer.
  • Plowing and snow removal on District-owned roads, parking lots, and sidewalks whenever ½ inch or more of snow accumulates. Comm Ops also plows Squaw Creek Road under an intergovernmental agreement with Eagle County.
  • Maintenance of entry access gates.
  • Maintenance of natural areas and vegetation impacting roadway facilities.
  • Planting, irrigation, and maintenance of more than 40 roadside flower displays.

Drainage and utility easement activities include:

  • Assuring proper function of all drainage ways, culverts, ponds, and spillways in the community.
  • Assuring maintenance access to all public utility easement alignments.
  • Coordinating and supporting utility infrastructure maintenance projects by outside providers.
  • Reviewing all new home designs, renovations, and other construction projects to identify potential impacts to road, drainage, and utility infrastructure.

If you have any questions concerning road maintenance, snow plowing, drainage, or other Comm Ops activities, please call (970) 926-1923.

If you need to contact utility maintenance organizations serving Cordillera, see links below: