Cordillera Fly Fishing

Cordillera Fly Fishing

One of the unique features about living in Cordillera is our access to 1.3 miles of private fly fishing water on the Eagle River.

Six “beats” (lengths of river) are available by reservation, providing a fishing experience of unparalleled quality unique to the Vail Valley.

Abundant with wild rainbow and brown trout as well as cut bows, the private river parcel has fabulous catch-and-release fly fishing.

Cordillera offers residents and their guests access to four stocked fishing ponds that are carefully managed for wild fish habitat health and sustainability. The ponds include Upper Bearden, Lower Bearden, Red Draw and Grenada Glen.

Vail Valley Anglers manages Cordillera’s fishing program and provides Cordillera anglers with experienced fly-fishing guides, educational programs and discounts on equipment and merchandise.

Homeowners interested in fishing the Cordillera Eagle River beats are asked to read and complete the Fishing Rules and Regulations and Permit application.  Reservations and permits are needed to fish the Eagle River but are not required for fishing at the ponds. Cordillera River/Pond Regulations: All fishing is catch-and-release with flies and single, barbless hooks only.

Water flows and temperatures are monitored continuously by Vail Valley Anglers. Fishing at ponds and on the river may be limited or curtailed based on water conditions or other fish health concerns. Vail Valley Anglers emails periodic fishing updates to participants, focusing on river issues, fishing conditions and scheduled programs.