Fly Fishing Rules and Registration

Fly Fishing Rules and Registration

River Parcel and Pond Registration

Cordillera offers fly fishing access to six well stocked ponds and 1.3 miles of wild trout fly fishing on the Eagle River. The ponds are located on Bearden Road, Red Draw, Granada Glen, Granite Springs Road, and Valley Course hole #3. Cordillera’s Eagle River fishing beats are located downstream of Hillcrest Drive near the west entrance to the Cordillera Valley Club. Vail Valley Anglers (VVA) manages Cordillera’s fly fishing program, providing expert guides and gear at reserved rates for Cordillera’s fishing members. VVA is located in the Edwards Riverwalk Center. Call VVA at (970) 926-0900 for tips, trips, and reservations.

Rules and Regulations

● All fishing is catch and release with flies and single barbless hooks.
● No baits, scents, or chumming is allowed while fishing ponds or the Eagle River.
● Ponds are open without reservations during daylight hours as long as no ice is present on the surface.
● Please respect neighboring properties by keeping noise to a minimum when fishing the ponds.
● A State of Colorado Fishing License is required for fishing the Eagle River.
● Fishing access may be limited to protect the fisheries for environmental and public safety concerns.
● Reservations are required for both guided and unguided trips on the river parcel.
● A one-time orientation covering rules and regulations, property, and member benefits must be completed prior to unguided river trips.
● No more than two anglers are allowed per beat reservation (one must be a current Cordillera Fishing Permit holder).
● VVA is the only guide service permitted to operate on Cordillera’s river parcel and ponds. See additional information below.
● Anchoring while floating through Cordillera property is prohibited.

Note: The Cordillera Property Owners Association is solely responsible for these rules and regulations, which reflect fishery habitat best management practices. Vail Valley Anglers has been contracted to enforce these rules but does not hold any opinion as to their relevance or application. Willful disregard of the River and Pond Rules and Regulations will result in restriction and possible suspension of fishing rights.

Cordillera’s fishing ponds are closed when any ice forms on them. The ponds are aerated to support the fish, making the ice variable and dangerous to walk on regardless of outdoor temperature. Please stay off the ponds when they have ice and be careful not to let pets or children wander on the ice. 

Parking and Access

Parking areas for each of the six river beats are located along Red Canyon Estates Road. These parking spots provide the only access to the river; access is NOT allowed from Highway 6. Cordillera Fishing Permits are specific to the person and vehicle listed on the attached application form. Contact VVA if being dropped off or using a different vehicle before fishing. The 2024 permit must be displayed in the front windshield of the vehicle and may not be shared with guests or family members. Report trespassing issues on the Eagle River fishing beats directly to Cordillera Valley Public Safety (970) 471-9131.


Authorized anglers are required to book reservations in advance with VVA. Please call (970) 926-0900, stop by the fly shop, or book online here. The username is cordillerafishing and the password is VVA2024#.
● Property Owners can make reservations up to 10 days in advance.
● Cordillera employees can make reservations the day of only.
● One beat reservation is allowed per day per person.
● No more than three reservations per week (Sunday-Saturday) are allowed.

Fishing Fees

● Fishing is free to Cordillera, Cordillera Valley, and Timber Springs property owners, their family members, and other participants authorized by Cordillera who have completed the river orientation for unguided trips.
● A $150 fee for up to two people is required for a one-time orientation with a VVA guide. The orientation reviews river safety, fishing regulations, and proper fish-handling techniques. Spouses, children, stepchildren, grandchildren, parents, and stepparents of the permit holder who are over the age of 18 must also complete the VVA orientation.
● The unguided river annual access fee for Club at Cordillera members who do not own Cordillera property is $1,000.00 per person. This fee can not be prorated. Checks should be made to the Cordillera Property Owners Association. Club at Cordillera members are also required to complete the one-time orientation with VVA.

Professional Guide Fees

● VVA guide fees for wade fishing trips (up to two people) on the Cordillera river parcel by authorized members is $335. The fee covers approximately 3.5 hours of instruction and includes a rod, reel, boots, waders, terminal tackle, flies, and drinking water if needed or requested.


A $150 fee for up to two people is required as a one-time orientation with a VVA guide. The orientation reviews river safety, fishing regulations, and proper fish-handling techniques. Spouses, children, stepchildren, grandchildren, parents, and stepparents of the permit holder who are over the age of 18 must also complete the VVA orientation.

Fishing Updates

VVA emails monthly fishing updates specific to the Cordillera River Parcel and Ponds. Environmental and safety closures may be emailed separately. Weekly updated fishing conditions for the entire Eagle River are also available at here on the Vail Valley Anglers website. Be sure to visit the Vail Valley Anglers blog for the latest fly fishing tips, tricks, and techniques.

Seminars and Events

VVA offers a variety of seminars and events throughout the year. Members will be emailed information related to upcoming events and seminars.

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