Bicycle Access

Cordillera’s meandering roads are the perfect training ground for road bikers. On any given day, riders make the climb to the summit at 9,500 feet. Mountain bike trails in the Summit neighborhood offer wildflower-filled rides with views that go on for days.

Mountain biking is permitted on Fox Trotter Loop Trail and Quarter Horse Loop Trail.

Road bikers must pre-register with Cordillera here. The bike will have an approved access sticker, affixed to the handlebar or affixed to a plastic ID card carried by the cyclist. Bicyclists need to follow Cordillera rules including wearing a bicycle helmet, obeying posted speed limits, stopping at stop signs, yielding to pedestrians, displaying proper illumination, riding single file and riding in the designated bicycle lanes or as far to the right as possible.

What is the Cordillera Metro District?

Cordillera is a mountaintop paradise with miles of trails to discover, friendships to be made and adventures to be had. Comprising more than 7,000 acres of natural beauty, three distinctive neighborhoods, endless amenities and three world-class golf courses, Cordillera is like no other Rocky Mountain community.

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