Contact Information

Cordillera Public Safety’s top priority is maintaining a safe, secure and welcoming environment for all property owners. The dedicated staff gets to know homeowners through community outreach, gatehouse access and general patrols. Public Safety oversees first responder efforts, gate access, traffic and wildlife issues, alarm calls, trash and recycling and ensures compliance with Design Review Board and Covenant compliance.

Public Safety personnel are initial responders, not law enforcement, fire or ambulance staff. The staff receives ongoing training and works closely with public agencies throughout Eagle County for the safety and well-being of our community. In case of emergency, property owners should always call 911.

Homeowners are requested to sign up for Eagle County alerts and Cordillera-specific emergency alerts.

Cordillera Public Safety can be contacted by calling:

The Divide Gate: (970)926-2335

The Ranch Gate: (970)926-5150

Administration: (970)926-1923

What is the Cordillera Metro District?

Cordillera is a mountaintop paradise with miles of trails to discover, friendships to be made and adventures to be had. Comprising more than 7,000 acres of natural beauty, three distinctive neighborhoods, endless amenities and three world-class golf courses, Cordillera is like no other Rocky Mountain community.

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