Visitor Management

The Cordillera Metro District Board, along with General Manager Trevor Broersma, have chosen FRONTSTEPS, a cutting-edge gate access management system, to offer enhanced security and other benefits for Cordillera. FRONTSTEPS is being implemented in Cordillera in the summer of 2024.

FRONTSTEPS Timeline & Next Steps:


  • FRONTSTEPS is being implemented in Cordillera in the summer of 2024.
  • Cordillera property owners on record with Eagle County have been sent an email request to set up their FRONTSTEPS accounts, verify their information, and install the FRONTSTEPS Community app for iPhone or for Android on their mobile phones.
  • NOTE: The account set-up link expires after 48 hours. If your link is expired, please email for a new link. 
  • If other property owners on record with Eagle County for your property did not receive a request to set up their account, please email the CMD Admin Office at or call at (970) 926-1923.


  • After Cordillera property owners on record with Eagle County have their accounts set up, follow-up communications will be sent when they are able to add additional family members to their FRONTSTEPS accounts.
  • Property owners will be notified when they are able to begin managing guest access passes for visitors to their homes.
  • Cordillera Metro District will continue to provide onboarding assistance throughout June and July to assist with account set-up and offer training to those who need help managing visitor gate access passes.
  • Beginning in August: All property owners must use FRONSTEPS to issue guest passes.

FRONTSTEPS: What Property Owners Need to Know

  • FRONTSTEPS will replace Cordillera’s current gate management software to provide more secure control over gate entry and exit.
  • FRONTSTEPS integrates with Cordillera’s current windshield and plate transponders.
  • NO CHANGE in gate access for property owners, property managers, vendors, contractors, and service providers, who will continue to enter and exit Cordillera’s gates in the same way moving forward using current transponders.
  • NEW PROCESS FOR VISITORS of property owners: When visitor management becomes available, property owners will issue guest passes through FRONTSTEPS to their visitors using a smartphone app or computer.


With the insurgence of building in Cordillera since 2020, increased security measures are needed.


  • A higher level of security, offering more detailed, real-time data about Cordillera’s contractors, service providers, and visitors
  • Offers a significant improvement to Cordillera visitor management system by automating data collection and tracking visitors without transponders through gates
  • Links each visitor with a specific address and property owner in our community
  • New emergency communication capabilities, including the ability to send targeted messaging via text, voice, and email communications
  • Replaces an outdated system and will offer an upgrade to the most current technology

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