KnoxBox and Home Security

KnoxBox and Home Security


Most homes in Cordillera have both a security alarm system and a fire alarm system.  Local fire codes require that all buildings with fire alarm systems have a KnoxBox, a high-security key safe that allows first responders to access the home without forced entry. KnoxBoxes are typically mounted on a wall near the front door. Fire and law enforcement personnel are the only ones who have access to your KnoxBox; Cordillera Public Safety personnel do not have access. The KnoxBox contains keys and medical cards, and homeowners should periodically check to assure that contents are current.

If you need to purchase a KnoxBox, visit If you need to schedule a time to place or replace keys in a KnoxBox that is already installed on your property, fill out this KnoxBox Key Installation Request Form through Eagle River Fire Protection District.

Contact the Eagle River Fire Protection District at (970) 748-4739 for a KnoxBox inspection and for information or inspections regarding the fire alarm and suppression system in your home.


Public Safety responds to all environmental alarms that monitor water leaks, water flows, low or high temperatures, gas leaks, and high levels of carbon monoxide. As broken pipes are the leading cause of damage in Cordillera , homeowners are encouraged to use alarm devices to protect their homes. During the winter, Cordillera Public Safety will treat low temperature alarms as emergencies, as this may indicate an issue with the heating system or an open window. Low temperature devices should be installed in the cooler areas of the residence.

Homeowners may provide Cordillera Public Safety with a door or garage code to their home, which allows personnel to enter the structure in the event of an environmental alarm.

Homeowners must complete and sign an emergency waiver if they would like to authorize Cordillera Public Safety to access the home in the event of an environmental alarm. For additional information, please contact Cordillera Public Safety: (970) 926-2335.